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Our Story

Lawrence  Manuel Mizzi  Joint OwnersLawrence & Manuel MizziLawmans Frame and Truss Pty Ltd was established in 1994 by two brothers, Lawrence and Manuel Mizzi.  Lawrence and Manuel are both qualified carpenters and builders since 1968.  They saw a need for a quality frame and truss plant to supply builders in both the local and wider metropolitan areas.  Lawrence retired in 2017 but has found it difficult to stay away from the office.

Lawmans Frame and Truss has maintained the atmosphere of a family business and now count many family members amongst our staff, both in the office and on the factory floor.  Over the past twenty-seven years we have employed many locals and given many young apprentices a start in the workforce.

Lawmans Frame and Truss is licensed by MiTek.  MiTek provides Lawmans Frame and Truss with quality engineering and structural products, which enables us to provide only the best quality posi-struts, frames and trusses.  We pride ourselves on the first quality service and technical advice given to all our customers, whatever the size of their project, from the smallest carport to the largest commercial constructions.

At Lawmans we aim to provide the best quality service and product to our client at the most competitive price.

We also aim to provide a good, safe and happy workplace for our staff.

Our Products & Services

Lawmans Frame and Truss manufactures and supplies:

Lawmans Frame and Truss supplies posi-strut floor systems to builders, timber retail stores and other Frame and Truss plants.

Lawmans Frame and Truss also stocks a large range of timber products including: Engineered Wood Products, Untreated and Treated Timber, Hardwood, and Particleboard Flooring.

Lawmans Frame and Truss services include:

  • Quotes for Timber Frames, Trusses and Flooring Systems including Posi-Rafter, Posi-Joist and Posi-Strut solutions.
  • Precise Engineered Frames and Trusses
  • Delivery of pre-frabricated Frames, Trusses, Flooring Systems and Timber to the site
  • Technical Support for all our products

Contact us and discover how Lawmans Frame and Truss can assist you with your next project.