Timber Roof Trusses

Lawmans frames and trusses are designed from the client's plans by our qualified and experienced Estimators and Detailers. We use Mitek engineering software which enables us to design and manufacture trusses for the simplest to most complex roof styles.

Pre-fabricated roof trusses engineered and manufactured by Lawmans Frame and Truss are built with only the best quality timber with brackets pre-fitted to girder trusses for faster installation. They can be used with pre-fabricated wall frames or frames cut and installed on-site. Our roof trusses are engineered and manufactured in accordance with all Australian Standards.

Lawmans Frame and Truss takes pride in being able to design and manufacture roof trusses for technically difficult sites.

Posi-Rafter Specialists

At Lawmans we manufacture and supply Mitek Posi Rafters. If you have any questions regarding this product please call our office or follow the link to the Mitek web site.

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Timber Wall Frames

Lawmans Frame and Truss provide quality engineered frames to suit any application.

Our team of qualified and experienced Estimators and Detailers design the frames using Mitek engineering software.

Our frames are custom engineered to our client's plans and are designed and manufactured to Australian Standards. Certificates are provided with all frames.

Frames are manufactured and assembled using computerised manufacturing equipment. The frames are manufactured from either untreated or treated radiata pine from plantation forest with F27 kiln-dried hardwood when required in the design.

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Timber Flooring Systems

Lawmans Frame & Truss can supply you with any of the engineered timber products on the market, either the Tillings Smart Joist or the Carter Holt HyJoist, TermiSpan or Red Alert for your Bearers and Joists, Hyspan LVL or Tillings LVL-18 and LVL-15 range, or the Hyne Beam 17c or 21c or anything else that you might be looking for.

Posi-Strut & Posi-Joist Specialists

PositStrutAt Lawmans we manufacture and supply Mitek Posi Struts and Posi Joists. If you have any questions regarding this product please call our office or follow the link to the Mitek web site.

PosiStrut trusses are parallel chord trusses using timber chords on flat and unique PosiStrut "V" webs.

Posi‐Struts are manufactured from galvanised steel and incorporate integral Gang‐Nail teeth at each end. PosiStrut webs have a "V" shaped cross section which enables both tension and compression forces to be transmitted, eliminating the need to cut large quantities of timber components which are required with alternate construction methods.

Posi‐Strut trusses make more efficient use of timber than conventional joists, as they have timber concentrated at the top and bottom of the truss where it works most effectively. This concept is similar to that of steel universal beams, where the majority of steel is located in the flanges.

The efficient use of timber, combined with the strength of the Posi‐Strut webs, make the Posi‐Strut truss a very lightweight, yet strong structural member.

PosiStrut trusses offer the following advantages over solid joists:

  • Ducting and other services can be run between chords and webs
  • No drilling or notching required to accommodate services
  • Additional width available for fixing flooring
  • Ceiling material can be fixed directly to the truss bottom chords
  • Greater spans can be achieved with floor trusses than with solid timber joists, creating large open areas
  • Internal load bearing walls, piers, or stumps and bearers can be reduced or eliminated
  • Shrinkage problems sometimes encountered with unseasoned solid timber are reduced or eliminated
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Load sharing ability
  • Strongback bracing increases floor stiffness and reduces squeaky floors
  • Optional top chord support reduces on‐site labour
  • Top chord hanging
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Timber Sales

Lawmans Frame & Truss stocks a large variety of timber products including:

Engineered Wood Products

Untreated Timber

H2 Treated Timber

H3 Treated Timber

KD Hardwood


Particleboard Flooring

D&R Henderson have been manufacturing all purpose tongue and grooved particleboard flooring since 1987. Unlike many particleboards, Floorboard products have a wax solution incorporated into the resin mix, allowing for greater edge protection if sheets are cut... read more...



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Fibre Cement

Fibre cement sheeting can be used for bracing, flooring and external cladding.

A durable product that will not burn, crack or peel, warp or rot. It is also termite resistant.